Modern and extravagant STELLA model is not only a designer element of the living room, It is first of all an incredibly comfortable piece of furniture, which thanks to its functions provides users with excellent comfort of rest.

Manually adjustable backrest and headrest so you can easily set the most comfortable sit position. It has a movable armrest that allows you  to provide adequate elbow support and after turning the seat (manually by 90 degrees) it turns into a footrest. A wooden shelf that emerges after turning the seat is a very functional place, for example to put away the necessary things.


Construction elements and conducting heavy loads in the frame are made of solid wood - Beech, Pine, Spruce.

The frame is not only glued, but also additionally connected with metal joints. This is to strengthen the structure, to increase its rigidity and resistance to lateral and longitudinal stresses.

One variant of seat fillings - SANDWICH.

This model is available only on metal feet.


This model is available in a wide range of colors and structures of upholstery fabrics  and natural leather.  Elements of this model can be ordered in one color, in one type of fabric.


In every Livingroom store professional and well-trained salesmen will advise and help you with making the best choice of furniture.

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