LIVINGROOM is a brand of experienced manufacturer of upholstered furniture DFM Sp. z o.o., from Warmia. The producer headquater is  located in Dobre Miasto.

Founder and  owner of DFM company is Roman Dariusz Kołakowski.

The knowledge and experience we have gained in creating the company Mebelplast S. A. was founded in 1988 as a company with solely Polish capital. Specializing in the mega-sofas and models with removable covers, Mebelplast quickly became the leading Polish manufacturer and exporter of high quality upholstered

In 2001, DFM Sp. z o.o. owing to its ability to operate in the Warmian-Masurian Special Economic Zone, it has achieved significant production and market potential.

Always being one step ahead of the competition, the company is characterized by a unique, modern design, giving customers the opportunity to personalize the product purchased with excellent quality. These features make them highly valued upholstered furniture in Poland and in the world.

The brand LIVINGROOM has become well known to Polish customers since its debut in 2005. By the year 2013, this logo was signing 17 brand stores nationwide, including in Warsaw, Łódź, Katowice, Gdańsk, Poznań and Lublin.

Since 2013, after corporate ownership consolidation, the Company has stepped up their cooperation in the concept of joint development of the LIVINGROOM brand, in a new formula and in new locations.

We have started a large-scale re-designing of the LIVINGROOM sales dealership network. We know how important it is to create the opportunity to directly see and test the furniture.

The reference shop of the brand, so-called Concept Store, was opened in 2016 at the Jupiter Shopping Center in Warsaw, at Towarowa 22 street.

We give our clients access to expert consultation with the shop assistants, we let our customers touch the furniture, make the uncertainty of buying disappear, there is only pure shopping pleasure and joy of the new product.

Beautiful furniture requires a beautiful surrounding. We put great attention to complementary furniture, including tables, chairs, dressers, carpets, etc. We take a close look to world trends and follow them during the selection of our collections. Our Concept Store is aimed at people who are looking for inobvoius and original ideas. Many additional furniture is made by hand from raw materials of natural origin. We use ecological materials.

The quality combined with the pleasure of shopping will find every visitor in our Concept Store.

Thanks to this, clients can take a great trip through styles, colors, materials and textures. Our LIVINGROOM shop concept is a kind of exhibition for furniture and their surroundings, where each of them has a chance to present their values ​​perfectly.

Company philosophy

Main motto - Comfort in beautiful form

My home is my castle - this is my stronghold, paraphrasing this famous sentiment we want to say - my house is my refuge. The place where we come after a day of work, where we rest, where we experience good and bad times, we eat meals, were our children grow up, we meet with friends, where we just live.

In our homes we usually surround ourselves with objects that we like, which are beautiful, have a history, are associated with memories, impresses with their design.

LIVINGROOM furniture has created a passion for beauty, comfort but also for a healthy lifestyle, we know how important is the appropriate balance between activity and relaxation, we want the latter to be of the highest quality and in addition to relaxation gave something else - care for the health of our customers . Thanks to our furniture it is possible.

Our philosophy as a whole closes the slogan LIVINGROOM - comfort in a beautiful form. 


For almost 30 years of our activity, first as a producer, DFM Sp. zo.o. and Mebelplast S.A., now under combined DFM Sp. z o.o. brand, are successful in demanding markets all over the world. We are appreciated both in Europe - In Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and across the globe - in the USA, Canada and Japan.

Wherever a unique climate, individual style and high quality is important for our customers.

In the Polish market we are invariably present and we continue to develop dynamically, constantly complementing our offer.

below is a timeline that summarizes the milestones in our Group's history.

1988 - Establishing of MEBELPLAST Sp. z o.o. - a company with entirely Polish capital.

1990 - For the first time we exhibited products on the export show "Polskie Meble" in Poznan and started exporting to Germany and the Netherlands.

1994 - Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw awarded us the first "GOOD PAT" certificate for our furniture.

1996 - MEBELPLAST was transformed into a joint stock company. We received the BCC Award - Golden Statuette "Leader of Polish Business".

1997 - We received the First Diamond for the BCC Gold Statuette. Our export dynamically grows, our furniture is found in Denmark, UK and USA. Dr. Otto visited us and gave us a "Trusted Supplier" diploma. We opened our first furniture salon in Olsztyn.

1998 - II Diamond for the BCC and LAURA Gold Statuette - ATUT WARMIA AND MAZURY '98 - the next awards we received. We have started the process of implementing the quality management system according to PN-ISO 9001. Norway, Israel and Greece are the other countries where our furniture can be bought.

2000 - Confirmation by the PRS and RW TÜV audit of the compliance of the implemented Quality Management System with PN-ISO 9001: 1996. We received the title EXCELLENT POLISH EXPORTER and LAUR ATUT WARMIA AND MAZURY 2000.

2001 - Establishment of DFM Sp. z o.o. located in Dobre Miasto.

2002 - DFM starts to build a new production facility in Dobre Miasto, in the Warmian-Masurian Special Economic Zone.

2003 - Relocation of DFM production to a newly built factory with a production and office area of ​​approximately 20,000 sqm.

2005 - Introducing a new strategy for company showrooms. Furniture stores gain a new, attractive appearance and the name "Livingroom", giving them a coherent character.

2008 - We begin cooperation with well-known fashion designer Eva Minge. The Eva Minge for Livingroom furniture collection has it's premiere during the French fashion week of Haute Couture. Our furniture is again appreciated by experts and customers: Sofa RAVENNA is awarded the title of "Furniture Plus - Product 2008" and the SCALA, STRADA and CHANGE sofas receive honorable mention in the "Diamond of Furniture 2008" contest organized by

2011 - MEBELPLAST is sold in 17 LIVINGROOM salons throughout the country. In Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan, Katowice, Lodz and Lublin.


2012 - DFM is awarded the first place in the Diamond Forbes ranking in the category of companies with a turnover of 50-250 million PLN in Warmian-Masurian Voivodship and is ranked 11th on the Forbes Diamonds nationwide list.

2013 - MEBELPLAST and DFM starts strategic cooperation to optimize production costs and extend their offer.

2013 - DFM Sp. z o.o. for the second time in a row, is awarded for the first place in the Forbes Diamonds ranking in the category of companies with a turnover of 50-250 million PLN in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodship.

2014 - Completion of the first stage of the expansion of the factory in Dobre Miasto, which resulted in the creation of a warehouse with an area of ​​about 10,000 sqm and a spacious showroom of approximately 1,000 sqm, designed for the exhibition for business clients.

2014 - DFM Sp. z o.o. for the third time in a row, is awarded the first place in the ranking of Forbes Diamonds in the category of companies with a turnover of 50-250 million PLN in Warmian-Masurian Voivodship.

2016 - Completion of the second stage of the expansion of the facility in Dobre Miasto. Now the production area is over 60,000 sqm. New production lines and carpentry departments were built.

In the production process we use an individually designed integrated IT system, which enables us to control a whole production process from a single location.

We work with certified suppliers of components such as mechanisms used in furniture and electronic components used in chairs with relaxation and massage functions.

We focus on ecology. Our offer is produced using certified wood in accordance with FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) standards, produced on the basis of sustainable development and responsible forest management practices.