Construction of the furniture - frame

Construction elements and conducting heavy loads in the frame are made of solid wood - Beech, Pine, Spruce.
The frame is not only glued, but also additionally connected with metal joints. This is to strengthen the structure, to increase its rigidity and resistance to lateral and longitudinal stresses.
Several types of fillings are used in the seats. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose the option that best fits your needs.
All fillings are placed on wave springs fixed by elastic handles to the frame of the furniture.

Construction of the furniture - foam

In the seats we use a variety of fillings. Highly flexible foams, various combinations of foams and combinations of springs (bonnel, microbonnel) and foams (including memory foam). These fillings are placed on wave springs fixed by elastic handles in the frame of the furniture.

This variety allows you to choose the individual filling that best meets your needs for comfort and ergonomics.

Depending on the model, the foam in the back cushions is filled with silicone granules, a mixture of silicone foam with scraped foam / cut foam, cut foam itself or fomed foam. The type of filling determines the model in which it is applied.

You are the creator of your own furniture

Start your journey through the world of Livingroom offer from a selection of interesting elements. Choose from a wide range of one, two or three seater units, puff or corners. The elements are so flexible that you can build any layout that fits your needs.

We offer a simple and clear scheme so you can compose your own set exactly to your needs.

At every stage of creating order you can see the final dimensions of your furniture.

The modularity

Our offer is not only ready-made furniture sets. It's also furniture that gives you the ability to freely set, connect and disconnect depending on your current needs.

With foldable, easily detachable hooks, you can freely shape your space.

Sleeping function

Our sleeping functions are made of foam and of wave springs. At your request we will cover the mattress of sleeping function in the fabric, which is made whole furniture.

For your convenience, when folded, the support wheels are retracted so as not to disrupt the shape of your furniture.

Bed storage box

We are well aware that not only style counts. Every day practicality is also important
In our offer you will find sofas and coners equipped with bed storage box.


The next stage of the adventure is the selection of armrests.

With a choice of many different types of armrests, you'll definitely choose the size, shape and functionality that best meets your needs.

If the dimensions of the room do not fit any of the proposed armrests, we are able to offer (for selected models), specially made furniture for you, finished without armrest.


For us is not just a supplement to the furniture. You can choose the material from which they will be made, their color, shape and dimensions.

It is through such details you give your furniture a completely unique character.

Furniture height

The height of the feet has a direct effect on the height of the whole piece of furniture.

We give you the most ergonomic seat height adjustment for your needs.

Adjustable armrests

In our offer the armrest is not only used to support the arm.

Select the version with adjustable angle, and comfortably rest the head during the time of afternoon relaxation.

Adjustable headrests

With this solution you can adjust the height of the headrest to best suit your needs.

Long movie, meeting with friends, relaxing moment with your favorite book in hand?

All these activities will be done in the optimal position for you.

Additional headrests

In our offer you will find a wide range of universal head rests. Thanks to them, you will be able to better match your chosen set to your needs.

Different depths of furniture

Satisfaction with every day use of furniture creates not only its appearance.

Ergonomics make details not visible at first glance. Adjust the seat depth to best suit your needs.

We recommend a higher depth for people of above average height.

Relax functions Relax functions

Our furniture provides the highest level of comfort. You can find a variety of relaxing functions that you can easily adapt to your needs.

Reclining backrests, adjustable footrests, also using electric motors, will take care of your perfect rest.

USB charging socket

We offer models that will allow you to charge the battery in your multimedia device.

Selection of upholstery fabrics

You can choose from dozens of types of structures, thicknesses, optics, and color fabrics.

Selection of natural leather

In our offer you will find a wide range of natural leather

You can choose from strong, uniform pattern as well as semi and fully aniline or rancho leather.

Each type of leather is dedicated to meet other tastes, but it combines the nobility and unique furniture optics.


Comfort of use is not only the technical solutions used and the exact offer match to your needs

Comfort, above all, is a peace of mind for quality and durability.

In our production we use components delivered entirely from certified suppliers and products with carefully tested parameters.